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It can be argued that nothing quite divides a group of people more than the question "does pineapple belong on pizza?"

However, has anyone ever asked you whether watermelon belongs on pizza?

Well - we can tell you now, it definitely doesn't, but some guy on Reddit seems to believe it does.

Aptly named WatermelononPizza222, the man told Reddit users that initially he did it as a dare, but then realised he enjoyed the taste. 

"So what I do is let it bake basically until it’s done with a few minutes to spare then I put the watermelon on then put it in until everything is cooked fully", he explained. 

A true Masterchef. 

He also told told the story of when he made the watermelon pizza for his friend John who, to put it simply - did not take to it well.

True to form, Reddit users let him know their thoughts...and didn't hold back. 

"Watermelon? That’s in a new circle of Hell after the pineapple debacle. Witch! Heretic! BURN HIM!"  one said.

"Honestly, you're so depraved I think you should be put on a list somewhere"  another user wrote. 

Sorry WatermelononPizza222, we don't think it's going to catch on.



26 August 2019

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