Wayne Carey Hits Back At Critics Of The Players During The Pay Dispute

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Wayne Carey has hit back at people who criticised the AFL playing group during the recent pay dispute with the league.


The amount of ex-players — and when I say ex-players, I mean players that are recently out of the game, there are some that have been a long time out of the game, but recently out of the game — that have got on their high horse about the players wanting to negotiate their pay cut and how much they should or shouldn’t take,” Duck said.

“We all know what’s going on out there, we’re all directly affected, we all know someone that’s affected, we all know someone, or know plenty of people that have lost their jobs and are doing it tough at the moment.

“So why the hell should ex-players and players just out of the game  — or for anyone else for that bloody matter — be barracking for players to lose more of their money?

“If they can negotiate the best bloody deal they can, well good on them.

“We don’t want them broke as well? Why are we barracking for that? Why are people saying their greedy, they’re this, they’re that?

“Of course you shouldn’t be barracking for that… I want everyone to be doing well.”

The AFLPA had battled with the AFL over a pay cut for the players, with both sides ending up settling on a 50% reduction until May 31st, then a 70% drop after that if the league doesn't restart then.

Duck linked the dispute back to his own playing days.

“The reason why, in the mid-90s, we went out and we got Andrew Demetriou back then to be the players association CEO was because we wanted to have a strong union,” he said.

“That union now is negotiating deals like it has with the last rights, and now negotiated a deal that they’re now going through this crisis with, and we should applaud it.”

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Rudi Edsall

28 March 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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