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If you haven't already started snapping pics around beautiful Mackay for the 'Mackay Through The Lens' competition, why not start now?! 

The Mackay Regional Council launched the campaign this month, incentivising locals to head outside and snap stunning pictures of the scenic region, to be in to win one of two camera house vouchers. 


There will be a 'People's Choice' award worth $1000 in Camera House vouchers, along with a judges choice award which is worth a whopping $2000. 

This morning, Jay and Dave spoke with local Mark Fitzpatrick, who makes a living flying around the world taking jaw-dropping photos of popular tourist locations. Mark lets the boys in on a few tricks of the trade and whether he's guilty of filtering his photos. 

Tune into the full catch-up below!

Georgie Marr

11 October 2019

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Georgie Marr

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