‘We just got battered around” | Titans Must Build Depth Before Origin Raid


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The Gold Coast Titans are bulding nicely and the extent of coach Justin Holbrook’s problems come down having too much talent on his list.

After steering his side back to the finals for the first time in five years the biggest concern of Holbrook coming out of the 2021 season was covering for his loss of star power during the Origin period in which the club only managed one victory.

Speaking on The Rush Hour Queenslander the second-year coach told Dobbo that covering the hole left by David Fifita, Tino Fa’asuamaleaui, AJ Brimson & Moeaki Fotuaika was a challenge that he’ll need to work on fixing in 2022.

‘We really got knocked around Origin time last year, our best young players were all twenty-one playing Origin and we just got battered around”

“We’ve got to get better at that and the best way to do that is have some good depth”


The pre-season battle for a place in the starting line-up is hotly contested, most of all the coverted number nine jersey but Holbrook believes he has found the ‘likely man’.


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Nick Davis

29 November 2021

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Nick Davis

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