We Pay Homage To Michael Hutchence On This, His 60th Birthday Today

Happy birthday rock star!

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Today marks what is another poignant milestone now that Michael Kelland John Hutchence is no longer in the building. Today, January 22, 2020, would have been Hutch's 60th birthday.

It's still hard for many to believe, but 23 sad years have passed since that tragic day in November 1997, where the world learned that arguably Australia's brightest shining (rock) star had passed away, therefore leaving a legacy that may never be equalled on a world stage.

It's been a big year for the Hutchence and INXS story in the lead-up to today. Of course, INXS are no doubt still revelling in their recent ARIA achievement of most Australian album sales for the decade just gone, as well as a worldwide cinema release of their most famous gig, the 1991 masterpiece that is Live Baby Live at Wembley Stadium.

We've also just seen the heartfelt, Richard Lowenstein created doco about his late, great friend released all over the world, proving how big INXS and Hutchence were in their time. Mystify: Michael Hutchence is well worth a look if you haven't seen it, particularly on a day like today.

We've trawled through our archives and found some bits and pieces that every INXS fan should take time out to have a listen, in celebration of the legend's posthumous 60th celebration.

Richard Clapton On Working With Michael

Australian songwriting royalty, Richard Clapton, had a lot to do with Michael Hutchence in his formative years. Clapton produced INXS' second album, the underrated Underneath The Colours, and here, Clapton tells Gleeso about how working with Hutch and INXS changed him as an artist.

Mark Opitz On What Made Michael, Michael Hutchence?

Mark Opitz is an Australian legend in the production chair, and here, he explained how Hutch found his groove as a singer and frontman.

Of course, one man who knew Hutchence more than most was his good friend and the man responsible for the majority of INXS' most famous video clips, Richard Lowenstein. He joined Mick and Jane on Kennedy Molloy last year to share some gold from the years he spent with Hutch and the INXS family.

His Bandmates Recall The Legend

We think the final word should go to Michael's bandmates, who spoke of Michael's influences and just how big the INXS machine got, back in the day.

Picturing Michael Hutchence at 60 years of age, considering his tragic end, is something most people probably haven't given consideration to. In INXS' 2005 autobiography, INXS: Story To Story, Bono suggests that they would probably be sitting in a cafe on a seaside strip in the south of France, sipping coffee, having a laugh and flirting with the pretty girls walking past. Considering his legacy and their penchant for a party, that would have most likely been the exact scenario, had Hutchence lived longer than his 37 years.

Happy birthday Hutch! We hope you're rocking it, wherever you are.

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22 January 2020

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