We’ve Compared Champion Data’s 2018 List Rankings With Each Club’s Finishing Positions

In the wake of today's 2019 rankings

Rudi Edsall

29 November 2018

Rudi Edsall

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Champion Data released their analysis of each club’s lists overnight, with Melbourne rated best in show.

There were some shocks amongst the list, with reigning premiers West Coast ranked 11th and defeated grand finalists Collingwood fifth.

Champion Data’s rankings made us curious to see how their rankings for the 2018 season panned out compared to the finishing position of each club, so went back to their 2018 list rankings and compared them.


1. Sydney
2. Port Adelaide
3. Adelaide
4. GWS
5. Melbourne
6. Geelong
7. Western Bulldogs
8. Richmond
9. Hawthorn
10. Collingwood
11. Essendon
12. West Coast
13. North Melbourne
14. St Kilda
15. Gold Coast
16. Brisbane
17. Fremantle
18. Carlton


1. West Coast (+11 change from CD prediction)
2. Collingwood (+8)
3. Richmond (+5)
4. Melbourne (-1)
5. Hawthorn (+4)
6. GWS (-2)
7. Sydney (-6)
8. Geelong (-2)
9. North Melbourne (+4)
10. Port Adelaide (-8)
11. Essendon (-)
12. Adelaide (-9)
13. Western Bulldogs (-6)
14. Fremantle (+3)
15. Brisbane (-1)
16. St Kilda (-2)
17. Gold Coast (-2)
18. Carlton (-)

The lowly prediction for West Coast didn’t hinder them winning the flag, and Collingwood also defied their ranking to make the grand final.

The two Adelaide sides were major sliders, with both of them ranked in the top three but ultimately missing the finals.

They nailed a few predictions though, with Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and the Saints around the mark, and Essendon and Carlton nailed.

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