We will fight to the last GASP

fight for Glenorchy's Wilkinson’s Point

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The fight is on to save Glenorchy's Wilkinson’s Point.

Following Glenorchy Council's recent announcement the area would be set for redevelopment the Board of GASP (Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park) has come out fighting saying the area "is a significant community asset." adding "The complete Elwick Bay foreshore upon which GASP is located contains important natural and cultural values. It is, in effect, a priceless and unique location that is well loved by the people of Glenorchy."

The Board of GASP has proposed, should the Glenorchy City Council decide to proceed to dispose of the land, that the area now licensed to GASP (which includes foreshore land around Elwick Bay) should be quarantined from the development parcel, "so that community access and cultural amenity is preserved."

The GASP Board has also called on Glenorchy Council to commit to working with GASP to ensure that this community asset "remains in the hands of the community."

Development of the foreshore site under GASP management since 2008 has seen redesigned access, increased lighting and boardwalk construction and the construction of the pavilions, barbeque areas and what the board describes as "an ongoing program of creative cultural activities and permanent public art installations."

“It is crucial that GASP be exempted from the land parcel for disposal, and included as a significant stakeholder in any determination to develop the site”, said GASP Board Chair, Christine Edwards. “GASP and the Council have worked together constructively over many years to make this a beautiful place, and we want to see that continue”.

GASP will make a submission to Glenorchy City Council and will be made available to the public on the GASP webpage www.gasp.org.au.

At the end of March Glenorchy Mayor Kristie Johnston told Triple M's Dave & Al that the Derwent Entertainment Centre and potentially 16ha of surrounding land was on the market. The Mayor assured residents that waterfront access would be retained along with road access to the area.


Triple M Newsroom

16 April 2019

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