Weather Bureau Warns Glorious Brisbane Morning Is The Calm Before The Storm

Super cells expected from 2pm

Claire Sherwood

26 October 2017

Claire Sherwood

Article heading image for Weather Bureau Warns Glorious Brisbane Morning Is The Calm Before The Storm

It was a close-to-perfect morning in South East Queensland, but the weather bureau is warning us to keep a close eye on the radars from midday through til the evening. 

"It is deceptive but this very fine morning is part of what will lead to it. There's plenty of moisture about and it's not just one cell, there are multiple storm cells that could be possible," forecaster Sean Fitzgerald said. 

This is thanks to potential super cell storms forming right across the eastern seaboard. 


With the blue skies and sunshine flooding the city, Fitzgerald isn't surprised there are doubters. 

"What we're trying to say is there's plenty of instability along the east coast, all along NSW as well. That, combined with all the ingredients we need for a severe storm, is what's causing the risk today. Don't be deceived.. while it looks fine now, we are expecting there to be quite a development in the weather later on today so I'm sure you'll start believing me in a few hours!" 

While there's the chance of some rainfall, the expected figures are not very high.

Fitzgerald says it's hail that we need to be most worried about. 

"These severe storms could produce 5 centimetre hailstones. But even regular storms around today could produce small hail so it's a hail-y day. If you are in the midst of a severe storm, you may get some pretty severe and damaging winds as well." 

"There are some areas that are more likely to experience hail and severe storms. Areas like Ipswich, western parts of Brisbane and places like Boonah, Beaudesert, the Gold Coast, Logan City and south... those are some real 'watch' areas."

The afternoon peak could be most problematic. 

"If you are in the city today, you'll probably get them later in the afternoon..around 5 o'clock.." 

"The worst part about it is that it's around the time that you'll be driving home that we'll start to see these severe storms. You probably don't believe me right now when it's so beautiful outside but we'll start to see clouds developing over the next few hours and trust me, over the next 2 or 3 hours, you'll start to see those clouds developing."

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