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The final weeks of Weight Warriors

12 May 2017

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Three weeks ago 41 yo Triple M listener Hayden called the Dave Noonan Show for help.

Hayden’s first grandchild has just been born and he realised if he wanted to be around to enjoy her, he had to lose weight and get fit.

At over 150kgs he knew his health was suffering but he could not lose the kilos so in a stroke of desperation, asked Dave & Al if they could make him accountable, to do it in the public eye and to gather a group of people in a similar situation to support each other in a weight loss campaign.

Within minutes we had a group of ten overweight Hobartians who were committed to change. Triple M’s Weight Warriors was born!

Dr Mandy Lo from General Practice Plus assessed the group, All Aerobics gym has put together a program for 12 weeks and Meal Machines is providing healthy calorie controlled meals daily for Warriors.

Now we can follow the efforts of these 5 men and 5 women as they strive to lose weight, get fit and change their lives.

The Final Weeks

As we move into the final weeks of Triple M's Weight Warriors, we're starting to hear amazing stories of not only weight loss, but lifestyle changes in each of our warriors!

Jono recently posted on our Warrior Facebook group that although he's only lost 6 kilos, it's not always about what he scales say. He's had to cut a whopping 19.5cm off his belt AND buy new pants altogether!

Just goes to show the scales aren't the most important thing!

The 12 Week Program

Meal Machines

Simply put, we want to make healthy eating as easy as possible! Most vending machines offer the type of body fuel that's just no good for you in the long term. So we thought we could offer something better! Meal Machines was born not long after that!

We offer healthy, no garbage added pre-made meals, shakes & supplements which sell on the website here. We also provide vending machines that sell our healthy products so you can make the most out of your day and still eat well!

For more info please check out our page HERE - including menus and pricing!

Some of the meals our Weight Warriors will be eating over the next 12 weeks are:

Chris from Meal Machines has been an invaluable knowledge source on healthy eating to our warriors!

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