Welcome To Annandale, The Hot Spot For Magpie Attacks


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They’re not trying to swoop at your lunch or your new iPhone 11, but be warned that they are out and about.

Magpie Swooping Season (MSS) is here and we’ve already identified problem areas for the sneaky squawkers.

Swoops have been reported across Townsville including Mount Louisa, Townsville City, Belgian Gardens, Aitkenvale, Idalia, and Douglas.

Attacks which have resulted in injury have been reported by a cyclist in Belgian Gardens, and in Douglas while a person was walking.  

The most frequent attacks though have been in Annandale, with 2 swoops to runners on Manersley Place and 1 swoop on a cyclist on Amarina Court.

If you’ve seen an incident this MSS, make sure you jump online and lodge it with Magpie Alert, which has had recorded a whopping 3440 cases of swooping since July 2019.




Triple M Townsville

10 October 2019

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Triple M Townsville

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