Western Sydney Stadium To Host Nines World Cup In October 2019


30 November 2018

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Image: NSW Govt

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has today announced a historic Nines World Cup will take place at the new Western Sydney Stadium next year.

The inaugural tournament will take place two weeks after the 2019 NRL Grand Final.

While the finer details have yet to be decided, it is confirmed 12 men's nations and 4 women's nations will compete in the two-day tournament. 

"You will see plenty of NRL players and plenty of NRLW players and you will have 12 men’s nations and four women’s nations," Greenberg said.

"You can expect to see the very best competing on both Saturday and Sunday."

"The players desperately want to play for their countries.

"We are looking to put international schedules into place at the end of next season, so there is a clear international window.

"It will be a festival. Anyone who saw Australia play Tonga in New Zealand only a couple of weeks ago will see the passion that we have for international football.

The NRL did consider player burnout but according to Greenberg the Nines-style tournament makes it a less-taxing event. 

"We have looked at a number of competing interests around player workload, but bringing Nines to the international part of the game I think we will have great success," Greenberg said.

"We are going to see players representing their nations, which is different to their clubs, but the workload and balance of players is equally important.

"We have taken this concept through all of our clubs and we have had discussions with the players association and I think players will want to play for their nations in a different format.


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