Whale Watching Tour Captures Amazing Drone Footage Off Moreton Bay

Season off to a cracking start

4 July 2017

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Pic: Brisbane Whale Watching 

Queenslanders are so blessed to be able to witness some of life's most beautiful creations in our own backyard.

Our friends at Brisbane Whale Watching have captured some phenomenal real-time drone footage of whales frolicking through Moreton Bay, marking a pretty spectacular start to the 2017 season.

About 22,000 whales are expected to travel through the area over the next five months and Captain Kerry Lopez said they're seeing dozens of whales on a daily basis.

"It's been extraordinary. We have sighted between 30 to 40 whales a day, it's just massive big pulses coming through," she said.

"When I first started, 22 years ago, it would take us a good hour and a half to even locate at least one pod if we were really lucky. But now as soon as we get to the whale sighting grounds, there's just blows everywhere. The pods are all integrating as well and staying around the beautiful shallow waters."

Lopez believes warmer water temperatures are bringing an influx of pods into the area this season.

"Temperatures have increased over the last 10 years by around 2 degrees and the whales possibly don't have to travel as far north to give birth to their babies. So we're actually sighting so many more whales in the bay and off Cape Moreton."

The crew is also looking forward to catching up with fan favourite, albino whale Migaloo, who may pop his head up around Moreton over the next few weeks.


"I've had Migaloo beside me on three different occasions, the last time was 2015. He's Alabaster White and they're just amazing to see. We look out for him every single day."

See the incredible drone footage below and if you're interested in joining the Brisbane Whale Watching crew on their next voyage, click here to see their website.

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