What does your apartment say about you?

You move house an average of 4 times

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Over the course of our adult lives, we move house on average a back-aching 4 times. But each time, there’s the magic moment of starting to decorate. The best version of this has to be moving into your brand new apartment, a home that’s never had another occupant. There’s a whole new home just for you, ready to be decorated and show off your style.

Each apartment at Cambridge Residences is a blank canvas. Empty walls, lots of floor space, airy and bright rooms… the possibilities are seemingly endless. But what kind of apartment style suits you?



Maybe you’re a neatness appreciator, a fan of minimalism who’ll choose clear surfaces with lots of white wall. You’ll probably put one mini succulent on the kitchen bench and call it a day. Perhaps you’ll hang one black and white sketch of a cube on the bedroom wall – but don’t, y’know, go crazy. 

Maybe you like the eclectic look of carefully chosen clutter. Picture a huge array of mismatched objects that wouldn’t be out of place in a Vinnie’s op-shop, yet somehow just work.  Chances are, your first few rental homes had a strong shabby chic aesthetic. Fill your walls, put up shelves for stacks of bric-a-brac; this trend is for sure due a comeback.  

Maybe you’re the type who feels comfortable working to a theme. Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making your apartment a shrine to your favourite things. Maybe you want to design your very own wizarding school vibe… honour a galaxy far, far away…. or decorate like winter is coming. Your home, your rules!

Maybe you’re yet to hone your own home style. After years of decorating practice in rental properties, it’s time to step up to the home-owner big leagues. Choose your own carpet, paint to your heart’s content, even (gasp) put nails in whatever wall you want. You’ve got this. 


The good news is – any and all styles go perfectly with the Cambridge Residences apartments. The floorplans were created to maximise space and leave lots of room for your style vibes to be fully expressed. The only things missing is you.

Choose a one or two bedroom apartment to start living your best life, nestled between our coast’s gold and green.

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21 August 2019

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