“What have they got to celebrate?” | Ben Ikin Gets HONEST About Where the Broncos Are At


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The injection of Ben Ikin into the Broncos fold could not have come at a better time for the club and the difference is already showing.

The former Broncos premiership player’s calculated and collected approach to his governance as the club’s new head of football has awashed the disenfranchised supporter base, historically inclined to expect success, with a sense of calm, and more importantly, hope.

From his first fortnight at the helm Ikin, partnered with new CEO Dave Donaghy, has been able to enact sweeping changes that the previous, stagnant administration simply could not. Clearing out the likes of Matt Lodge, Anthony Milford and now Tevita Pangai Junior with culture at the forefront of his agenda. Ikin’s ‘cleaning-house’ edict also gives embattled coach Kevin Walters the time and space to concentrate his focus on all matters on-field.

Whereas last weekend’s disastrous result may have sent Broncos fans back to the doldrums, Ikin has been on the front foot, not excusing the club’s form or pedaling romantic narratives just only temporarily appease the restless natives .

Speaking on The Big Breakfast with Marto & Margaux this morning Ikin responded to criticism of Broncos players not sticking around to thank fans following the team’s disastrous second half fade-out at the hands of the Tigers.

Asked if the team owed it to their supporters to do a ‘lap of honour’ post-game, Ikin applauded the players’ choice to stay instead  stay in the sheds and lick their wounds.

“It’s a difficult balance to be fair, I wouldn’t want to see a team after a loss like that where they should have won thinking ‘lap of honour’. I mean what have they got to celebrate?” Ben Ikin responded

“The view it the moment is the Broncos haven’t been good enough”


The Broncos may be anchored to second last on the NRL ladder but fans can rest assured that under the Ikin/ Donaghy administration positive changes are afoot and calmer seas lie ahead in knowing the Broncos are closer to their first premiership since 2006 than they were three months ago.


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Nick Davis

23 July 2021

Article by:

Nick Davis

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