What Mick Fanning Did With His 60 Minutes Appearance Fee Proves That He’s An Absolute Legend

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Pub Talk

12 December 2016

Pub Talk

(Image: 60 Minutes)

Mick Fanning has selflessly donated his $75,000 60 Minutes appearance fee to body boarder Matt Lee who was mauled by a shark near Ballina last month.

Mick appeared on the show to discuss his close call with a shark in South Africa during the final of the J-Bay open.

Nine Network boss David Gyngell rounded up the total to $100,000 by donating $25,000 of his own money.

Mr Lee’s family and friends have expressed their gratitude on the Matthew Lee Official Support Facebook Page.

"Mick Fanning and David Gyngell, No words can describe how grateful we are for the generous donation"

Newscorp report that Fanning had hoped to visit Mr Lee in hospital but Mr Lee needed more surgery and the meeting could not occur.

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