When an argument over a meal escalates into a GUN FIGHT!

shots fired at a farm in Gibson

26 November 2018

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Everyone understands receiving the wrong meal at a restaurant and pub can be inconvenient. If your meal is confused with another patrons, the mood around the premise can deteriorate. Not often, however, does a verbal altercation lead to physical exchanges or even the threat of using firearms on another.

Unfortunately this was the case last Friday night, where a disagreement over a meal almost ended in a gun flight on a farm around Gibson, about 20 kms north of Esperance.

Police allege a 20-year-old man and a 23-year-old fired guns at a pre-arranged meeting at 2am, after an argument ensured over a meal at the Gibson Soak hotel earlier that evening. Apparently the meal at the centre of this drama was delivered to the wrong table by accident. 

The story goes that the men rushed home after their pub altercation, grabbed their respective weapons, a rifle and a shotgun, and met at a predetermined location to resolve the issue. 

"There were more arguments which then ended up on social media that was basically 'Let's meet at a pre-determined spot and we can sort this out'," said Sergeant Todd Pender, following the incident.

The two men will appear in Esperance Magistrate's Court on December 11, charged with discharging a firearm and going armed whilst intoxicated.

I suppose tempers can flare up when pub grubs concerned, especially when delicious staples like the chicken parmi are involved!


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