When Did Being Successful Become A Crime?

You Want It? Work for It.

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The term 'politics of envy" is by no means new and it appears to be raising it's ugly head again in Australia with attacks in and out of parliament on our Prime Minister.

This I'm afraid is one of the things wrong with this country.

I have wondered in the past why Malcolm wanted to put his head up knowing that at every turn a whole lot of people want to kick him when he could just as easily have stayed in the corporate world where he had been remarkably successful and not have to worry about the age old Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Of course he makes an awful lot of dough as PM and despite donating his salary to charity, which by the way we knew years ago he's doing the job, with all the daily slings and arrows that come with the territory.

You see it's far easier to sit on the side lines and snipe, whinge and bitch while not actually doing anything yourself.

I remember telling my son he was born with a silver spoon nowhere near his gob so if he wanted anything he'd better work for it, we'd help out where possible but the success or otherwise was up to him.

As you may know, he's thriving in LA.

You think Malcolm got there by NOT getting up off his bum and working to acheive his success? 

Next time you see someone in a flash car or in a big house ask yourself what work they did, what scarifices they made, how much weekend work or overtime it took to get there, don't turn your nose up because they are successful, and heaven forbid, actually wealthy.

As to politics, I've spoken to plenty of them in my time and to one extent or another they all say they go into public service to make their community or country better. They don't always get it right, but they have a crack.

If you want to put up with the scrutiny and bulldust that is flung everyday, put your hand up and have a go, then one day if you do reach the heights people can sit around and try and pull you down too.

26 June 2018

Article by:

Cliff Reeve

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