Where To Find Bob Hawke's Beer In Newcastle

It's only on tap in one hotel

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If you're hoping to get a taste of what is probably the most Australian beer of all time, look no further.

Former Prime Minister and renowned beer lover Bob Hawke has launched Hawke's Brewing Co., with his first beer on tap in 10 Sydney venues and just one Newcastle hotel.

If you're keen to try it out, Hawke's Lager will be available at The Greenroof in Hamilton from Thursday afternoon.

Hawke agreed to lend his name to the brew in order to donate his part of the profits to environmental not-for-profit group, Landcare Australia, with the money raised to help support rural initiatives around the country.

"I hope the efforts of this company will not only bring good friends together over a cold beer but also help raise awareness of the great work done by Landcare," said Mr Hawke.

Cans will go on sale on April 25. There's no word on whether yard glasses will be available too.

6 April 2017

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