Where To Fix Your Cracked Iphone For Free This Weekend

Learn to do it yourself!

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It's often the bane of our existence #firstworldproblems - cracking the screen of your new iphone.

This Saturday, April 7, Repair Cafe at Gateway Village will be opening its doors (and its sympathy) to all those who are feeling the pain of a broken screen.

The team will host two half-hour first aid demonstrations for your phone including how to replace a cracked iphone 5 screen, how to swap internal batteries, how to remedy a phone charger that's not working and the all important lesson - what to do if you drop your phone in water.

Does rice really work? You'll find out!

Not again...

Does rice really work? Find out!

Repair Cafe is a community-run initiative, where locals can bring their broken items and learn to fix them yourself (DIY style) alongside experienced volunteers.

From broken bikes, furniture, appliances and clothing - you bring it, they'll aim to fix it!

It's a free event, but booking are essential. For more information on how to book click here

What you need to know:

Where: Repair Cafe, Sustainable Activity Centre, Gateway Village

When: Saturday 7th April from 10am - 1pm

Cost: Free






4 April 2018

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