Who Saw That Coming? The Two Cyclists Filmed By That Cranky Driver Were Off-Duty Cops

No wonder they tried to pull him over

Triple M Staff

31 January 2019

Triple M Staff

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In proof that crime really does not pay, the irate vigilante who filmed himself hurling insults at two cyclists has discovered the hard way that they were actually police officers.

The man, who has since been named as Thomas Harris, uploaded a video of himself speeding along a bicycle lane in Jamberoo on NSW's South Coast while yelling at the two cyclists to his own Instagram account on Australia Day.

Harris apparently took major issue with the fact that they were cycling two abreast on the road, yelling: "What's the point of us spending this money if you're not going to use it, you f*cking d*ckheads".

Unfortunately, the Albion Park resident was unaware that he was picking a fight with off-duty cops, which probably explains why their reaction was to calmly suggest he "pull over" so they could "have a chat".

The video was quickly picked up and shared across multiple social media pages, leading Harris to hand himself into Lake Illawarra police earlier this week. 

He's since been charged with using his phone while driving, offensive language and for driving on a bicycle path.

There has been some debate online as to whether or not the cyclists were in the wrong, with NSW road rules stipulating that, while cyclists can ride two abreast on a road, they must use a marked bicycle lane if one is provided.

Apparently, though, the lane in question was not actually a marked bicycle lane but rather a shared path.

Acting Inspector Lee Ingmire said that "regardless... it doesn't justify what the driver did".

"He's on the path like a good hundred metres before he approaches the bicycles," he told the Illawarra Mercury.

"The bike riders haven't had the opportunity to drop back to a single lane."

If you've somehow missed the video that kickstarted this debate, check it out below.


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