Why Are Bunbury Petrol Prices So High?

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Ebony Reeves

19 September 2018

Ebony Reeves

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The West Australian

Bunbury's petrol prices are getting ridiculous, and we want to know why?! 


According to Don Punch MLA, Member for Bunbury, the price of petrol is based on a number of factors including "transportation costs, the size of the local market, and the amount of competition in the market".

But after looking into each of these factors, Mr Punch acknowledged that none of these provide an explanation as to why Bunbury's prices are so much higher than other regional areas.

The price of petrol is not regulated by Government and there is very little the State Government can do, but, with the support of the Minister for Commerce, Hon Bill Johnston MLA, I have written to the ACCC, a federal body with national responsibility to protect consumers, calling for an inquiry to examine the price of petrol in Bunbury and how prices are set.

- Don Punch MLA

Mr Punch is concerned that the investigations will determine that there is not a significant enough difference in cost compared to other regional areas, and so has drafted a petition to the Federal Senate, calling for action on pricing structures throughout the entire state. 

For information on how you can sign the petition, call Mr Punch's office on 9791 3636.


Authorised by Don Punch for the Australian Labour Party, 4B Spencer Street Bunbury

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