Why Do We Even Know About Barnaby's News?

Because You Want To

Cliff Reeve

7 February 2018

Cliff Reeve

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I am willing to bet some of you reeled in horror at the very thought of bringing up Barnaby Joyce and his current marital situation which is sadly all over the front pages today.

Paparazzi photos have been published of his new partner and the story of his impending parenthood and the rage at it has caused in the public arena.

It's the same old arguement, is it news, is it in the public interest, is it any of our business?

The answer lies in this celebrity driven world we live in, a world where the baby name for yet another Kardashian made the Triple M news this morning.

A world where we want to know every single thing about our football stars, royalty, movie and singing stars and then want to say these people are entitled to their privacy.

If you don't like it don't buy No Idea magazine, don't watch the stories on the news when a footballer does something, good or bad, and don't buy into it all.

This is a world where people are famous for being famous, and it's our fault!

You want to talk about Barnaby's stoush over Pistol and Boo, fine, that's different. 

His statements during the same sex marriage debate and the "sanctity of marriage",  religiuos hypocracy from a Jesuit educated Catholic who is about to have a "love child" out of wedlock, or his citizenship bebacle?


His marriage and his personal life are his business, unless of course it's splashed in the tabloids, and YOU want to know all the sordid details.

All this is our fault and we're stuck with it.


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