Why I Feel Anxious For Nic Nat

Here He Comes

Cliff Reeve

22 March 2018

Cliff Reeve

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It's only been a matter of months and I'm sure for some it's felt like an eternity but fear not, the wait is nearly over.

Footy is back and on Sunday there's a pretty good chance one of the best to lace up a boot will be too.

Pause for the chorus of angels to sing and the casting of rose petals..................

Nic Naitanui declares he's ready to return after a very long and arduous rehabilitation process having ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in round 22, 2016.


Coach Adam Simpson has said he's in a good space. "He's in good condition and he's ready to play."

And here's the issue, Nic has been around a few times and might be "ready" and the fans are certainly more than eager to see the big bloke back again, but a good deal of time has passed so he will literally need to find his feet again

It's no secret that WCE fans can be unforgiving and even Simpson has asked for some forgiveness in the early days to let Nic adjust to rule changes and different game plans, it's been a while and will take some time.

Will the fans heed his warning? Time will tell.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of them wanted to chair Nic onto the field lead by a choir and pipe band such is the fervor surrounding his return.

The pressure will be immense and the roar after his first touch will be heard all the way from Optus Stadium to the MCG, I wouldn't be surprised if he's mention by the Pope on Sunday morning.

Let's give him a break and hope he's back for the whole season, fit and happy.

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