Why South Aussies Need To Start Breeding... More

Populate Or Perish?

18 May 2017

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It's not enough to just be "a nice place to live."

That's the word from number crunchers as South Australia's population comes under the spotlight.

A new Deloitte "Make it big Adelaide" report is warning of dire consequences if the state doesn't double its rate of population growth.

After 6 months of intensive research, experts have come up with a blueprint on how to overhaul SA's economy.

Eight key sectors are identified as being crucial to the state's fortunes - energy and gas, tourism, agriculture, defence, creative, health and medical and information technology.

The state performs well in only half of these industries.

Too many young South Aussies are going interstate to get work.

To get to the magical 2 million figure, population growth will have to double and an extra 290,000 people brought in by 2027.

Right now, it'll be 2039 before the state gets there.

This week's unemployment rate of 7.3% is not only the worst in the nation but raises the stakes.

"Without scale, we won't develop our services sectors," the report says.

Deloitte will run its report past government and business bodies over the next year before releasing more findings after that.

"And without services, we miss our opportunity to fill the hole left by traditional manufacturing and decades of slower growth."

"That's why we need two million people by 2027."

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