Why The Loss Of Russell Packer Was Inevitable

More info on the deal

13 May 2017

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According to Triple M and Fox Sports' James Hooper, the Russell Packer deal is done, with the Tigers set to nab the Dragons player.

"It's a four season deal and it will be announced on Monday," Hoops said.

"In fairness to the Dragons, the Tigers simply blew them out of the water."

Packer has been at the Dragons since 2015 after serving time for an assault charge.

"I feel sorry for the Dragons because they threw him a lifeline, but obviously he's paid his dues there both on and off the field," Triple M's Wendell Sailor said.

Triple M's Ryan Girdler said it was a natural consequence of the Dragon's strong recruitment over the last few months.

"If you go out there and spend two million on two players and then you've got another guy who wants a million, you really need to let some players go," Girds said.

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