Why Your Uni Degree Could Be Totally Useless In The Real World

The qualified feel under-educated

26 September 2017

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Despite tertiary education levels in Australia right now being higher than they've ever been, it seems a lot of Aussie workers feel they're not qualified enough - even with a degree - because they're lacking real-world industry experience.

A report from employment recruiters JobGetter has found many workers are finding themselves under-prepared for the workforce after finishing their course.

Out of 1400 respondents, 65 per cent felt their education didn't provide them with the skills necessary to succeed, while 3 per cent believed their studies were a complete "waste of time".

Technology doesn't seem to be the problem though, 72 per cent believe they are comfortable with digital advancements in their workforce and aren't overly concerned about their impact.

But is lower skill set the issue, or is it a problem with flexibility?

The study found flexible hours, salary and location were the top priorities when choosing employment and a whopping 60 per cent of those surveyed actually admitted to rejecting a job opportunity because it didn't meet their flexibility requirements.


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