Willie Mason Lets Rip At Nick Politis And The Roosters For Signing Cooper Cronk

"I just don't understand"

26 October 2017

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Former Roosters player Willie Mason has let rip at the Roosters for signing Cooper Cronk and potentially releasing Mitchell Pearce or Jake Friend. 

Speaking on his weekly show #unfiltered, Mason believes it's ridiculous the Roosters are even contemplating signing Cronk. 

"You can't hold anything against him (Cooper Cronk), but is it worth losing a player like Pearce or friend for five or six years? I'm a bit disappointed in the Roosters," Mason said.  

"A player like Pearce who has won a Premiership, it's not like they haven't won, he's a premiership winning player. 

"For them to even think about signing cooper Cronk infant of Pearce, it's ridiculous.  

If reports are true and the Roosters sign Cronk, Mason thinks the dominos will fall for the clubs playing group. 

"I don't think they understand the ripple effect that this is going to have with this club," he said. 

"Pearce is so beloved by the playing group and i'm not sure cooper Cronk can slide straight into that club and that culture." 

Mason then had a dig at Roosters Chairman Nick Politis

"With that club Nick Politis makes every single big move and he won't face any cameras, he will just sit there and make these moves and everyone else has got to deal with it," he said.  

"I've heard rumours that he (Politis) thinks that Cooper Cronk will train Pearce into being the best number seven in the world.

"You do that with JT (Johnathan Thurston), Andrew Johns or Cameron Smith in their prime, not 35-years old, so I just don't understand." 


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