Wireless Hill CLOSED to the public as firefighters continue to COMBAT BLAZE

authorities unsure of the cause

14 November 2018

Article heading image for Wireless Hill CLOSED to the public as firefighters continue to COMBAT BLAZE

Emergency services including firefighters are hard at work this morning containing and cleaning up after a fire that broke out last night at the Rotary Lookout at West Beach.

Authorities were notified about the farmer after 6pm Tuesday evening and firefighters rushed to the scene to combat the blaze that had begun on Doust Street and spread throughout Dempster Heads.  

Shire officials and emergency services used a drone to determine the extent of the fire, which covers approximately 10 hectares of bushland.

Firefighters used backpacks full of water and hundreds of metres of hose to get to the fire affected areas that were inaccessible by fire engine.

Karen Naylor is the Emergency Services Officer at the Esperance Shire, and commended the hard work done by the emergency services to fight the flames.

“Climbing up and down the hill (into Dempster Heads) has been quite strenuous on the firefighters but they have done a wonderful job.’”

As of Wednesday morning the fire was under control, but still needed to be contained, with isolated smouldering areas still current around Wireless Hill. Mrs. Naylor requested that walkers exercising through Dempster Head and tourists intending on visiting the Rotary Lookout, should steer clear.

“We will have firefighters on the scene for all of today, so Wireless Hill will be closed to the public, and will be closed all day today and will be reviewed tomorrow.”

Authorities are unsure what started the fire at this stage.

To hear Karen Naylor describe the events and scene in more details please listen to the Sean for Breakfast Catch Up below.  

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