Women's Footy is flying in the Borough!

AFL Women's try-out

8 November 2018

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Women's Footy is flying in the Borough!


Come along and be a part of the fastest growing women's sports movement in Australia. We're looking for female players, over the age of 18 years, and anyone who is interested in helping with training, administration and the managing of the team.

We already have a good number of players who have committed to our club, so now we are just looking for a few extras to finish off our list and some people to support them.
At the Launch Day, there will be a guest speaker and all our junior players and their families are invited to attend.

Eaglehawk Footy/Netty Club has a welcome environment and we are committed to giving more people the chance to be involved in our friendly and successful club.
Elise Hogan, Richmond VFL vice captain will be our guest speaker. Everyone welcome!!


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