Workers At Milton XXXX Brewery To Strike Again

Fifth time in five weeks

3 May 2018

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There will be another strike by workers at the XXXX brewery on Thursday, marking the fifth time in as many weeks that the workers at the Milton site have walked off the job.

This comes as workers protest the use of contractors from brewer Lion and claims that the company is looking to move production interstate.

According to the Courier Mail, Lion has denied that there is a push to move the brewery outside of Queensland.

"XXXX was born here, brewed here, and the brewery is not going anywhere," XXXX spokesperson Elizabeth Bold told Triple M.

"Our right to brew in Milton has even been enshrined in state law.

"XXXX has always backed Queensland, forever supporting the Maroons, and we're long-standing sponsors of the Cowboys, Titans, Broncos, QLD cricket and more recently the Brisbane Lions.

"We respect our team's rights to take protected action, but the safety of our team and the public is our number one priority."

United Voice union is expecting hundreds of supporters to rally before the Bronco's game against the Bulldogs tonight near the Wally Lewis statute.

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