Jordon Prince-Wright set to embark on SECOND, WESTERN AUSTRALIAN FILM!

and he needs your help WA!

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Western Australia appears to be going through a ‘movie production’ boom, with several screenplays hitting the big screen. One of the amazing men behind this film influx is director Jordon Prince-Wright, who made the gritty, West Australian and award winning western the Decadent and Depraved. Critics loved the film, which was shot across WA from Sandstone to Kukerin, and audiences around the country flocked to and adored D&D.

Now, less than a year after his D&D release, Mr. Prince-Wright is at it again with a World War One feature film on the cards with the production described as similar to his break-out western but ‘on steroids’.

Currently in the planning stage, the production team have almost reached their sponsorship target and have already approached (and confirmed) some of the cast for the movie, which is based on true events surrounding Western Australian ANZACS.

While many locations and props have also been sourced, the director and his team are still searching for more relics or memorabilia from the WW1 days and also need to locate sites that emanate battle scenes reminiscent of those faced by our brave ANZACs.

Jordon Prince-Wright spoke to Sean on the Breakfast Show on Wednesday morning.

“This film will feature some of Australia’s greatest victories, Messines Ridge and Polygon Wood, and what we are going to be doing is actually building these sets. So we need a location where we can build Polygon Wood and these trenched…”

Ideally big open spaces, like paddocks on a farm, are preferred, with the following criteria. Jordon again.

“We are looking for a slanted hill where we can build all these trenches. The hardest thing at the moment is everywhere we are looking, we dig about one metre down, if that, and it’s basically sand. We need somewhere which is more of a muddy, clayey sort of ground.”

It’s a great opportunity for any farm in WA, but in particular those in the South-East coastal region, to offer a parcel of your land and make WA history with this huge, exciting production! Clayey underlying soil is ideal.

Anecdotally there are some clay deposits around the Salmon Gums area…

If you know anyone that might be able to help or you yourself know of a location or have some WW1 relics or paraphernalia to offer for filming, please contact the production team. Just search for Prince-White Productions in your search engine search bar, or on Facebook.

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Sean Lindsay

13 February 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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