You had ONE job.

Huge typo on the new $50 note.

9 May 2019

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Well, this is awkward... 

The Reserve Bank of Australia is facing some tough questions after an eagle- eyed MMM listener found a mistake on the new $50 notes. 

It began being circulated last October and is similar to the old one, but with portraits of Aboriginal author David Unaipon and Cowan the first female member of the Australian Parliament. 

The mistake- the misspelling of 'responsibility' - it was changed to responsibilty BUT before you roll your eyes... 

It happened THREE times. 

The note has new security features and there's also elements to aid those who are vision-impaired. 

Fun fact for the day- 46 percent of all banknotes in circulation is the $50 note. 

You cashed up people out there! 

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