Young Lake Macquarie Labourer Underpaid $25,000

He's now been given backpay..

27 September 2017

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Three Hunter workers have received $38,000 in back pay following an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

A young Lake Macquarie labourer secured $25,000 in under-paid wages, after he was incorrectly classified as an apprentice.

He was entitled to rates of up to $17.79 for ordinary hours, however was only being paid $12.08.

A written warning was given to the business putting them on notice that future breaches could result in court action.

In a separate matter, a supervisor employed by a Beresfield business received $6800 in unpaid redundancy entitlements.

While in a third matter, a concreter in Newcastle was back-paid $6000 in unpaid termination entitlements.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says the employers involved in all three cases are now on notice to pay employees their full lawful entitlements and enforcement action will be considered if any non-compliance issues are discovered at the businesses in future.

“Employers must be aware that we are prepared to take enforcement action in response to reckless, deliberate or repeated breaches of pay and record keeping laws,” she said.

“We conduct follow-up audits of businesses previously found to be non-compliant to make sure they have changed their ways. Repeat offenders can expect to be subject to serious enforcement action including potential litigation."

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