Your Childhood Dreams Of Staying In A Shopping Centre Overnight Are About To Come True Thanks To IKEA

Ultimate sleepover

Triple M Staff

21 February 2019

Triple M Staff

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IKEA are making your childhood dreams of spending the night in a shopping centre true with what they're calling the "ultimate sleepover".

The Swedish flat-pack furniture juggernauts are opening their doors after hours to a handful of lucky winners across the country, meaning some people will actually get to run a-muck in a closed department store.

We're talking a "tailored sleep zone" - where someone from the "Complete Sleep Studio" will figure out what you need to have the perfect night's sleep, and then custom-build you a personalised bed, right down to the linen - and a menu of activities to "entertain, soothe and relax".

"Drawing on the IKEA understanding of how we live at home, winners will enjoy a pre-sleep massage, relaxation techniques, movie time, bed time snacks and guidance from a sleep expert," a statement from IKEA reads.

We'd enter just for the bed time snacks, to be fair.

Winners will also be treated to dinner - bring on the meatballs - and breakfast in bed. At IKEA! 

"These tailored experiences – which are taking place in most stores around the country are designed to inspire Australians to prioritise a good night of sleep, in order to better take on the day," Mark Mitchinson, from IKEA Australia, says.

"This really is a one-off opportunity to wake up with IKEA."

If you're keen to get involved, you have to head to your local, participating IKEA (Logan, North Lakes, Canberra, Tempe,  Rhodes or  Adelaide) this weekend to enter.

And there's a pretty massive emphasis on the fact that you have to win to take part. Duh.

"Needless to say, this IKEA organised experience is about offering invited winners into our stores for a fun experience and a great night sleep," IKEA say.

"By comparison the fun of an unauthorised sleepover is overrated and will result in a long night of sitting still, only to then risk getting into trouble with the law for trespassing."

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