Youth charged over smash and grabs in Earlville.

He's been charged with 9 offences.

29 April 2019

Article heading image for Youth charged over smash and grabs in Earlville.

A 16-year-old Mooroobool boy was arrested and charged early yesterday morning after entry was allegedly forced to vehicles at an Earlville unit complex.


Three youths entered the carpark of the Balaclava Road complex at around 5.15am yesterday and stole a hammer from the tray area of a utility. The tool was then used to force entry to three vehicles by smashing side windows.


A small amount of loose change was stolen from one vehicle and the offenders then entered a fourth unlocked vehicle and stole small items of property from within.


A resident at the complex was awoken by the incidents and promptly contacted police. Crews attended the scene and the offenders fled on foot.


Officers placed a cordon around the area and a short time later a youth was allegedly located hiding in a garden. He again fled upon being spotted but was taken into custody shortly afterward. Items of property allegedly located in his possession were subsequently identified as having been stolen from one of the cars.


He was charged with a total of nine offences relating to the vehicles as well as other matters. Investigations are continuing in relation to the other two offenders.

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