Domino's Has Launched A King Size Pizza Range

These things are huge!

Domino's Has Launched A King Size Pizza Range Image: Facebook/Don Meij

Domino's is dippingĀ further into the oversized pizza market, launching their new King Size range.

Straight after launching the New Yorker range, which introduced a few 16-inch pizzas, the pizza company has expanded its range.

The King Size range contains four different, 40-centimetre pizzas - the same size as the New Yorkers.

Domino's CEO Don Meij has posted a couple of videos of the whopping pizzas on his Facebook page and yeah, they're massive.


"New to the menu is the Domino's King Size range of pizzas featuring the Quattro, King Supreme, King Duo and the Giga Meat," their website says.

"Our huge 40-centimetre King Size pizzas are packed with toppings for a serious flavour hit and loaded with extra cheese."

The range became available on Monday.