Six Whiskies To Give A Red Hot Go On World Whisky Day

Saturday May 19

Six Whiskies To Give A Red Hot Go On World Whisky Day Supplied / Youtube

We didn't even know this is a day but this weekend, we celebrate World Whisky Day on Saturday, May 19th.

That's right... World Whisky Day! What a glorious world in which we live.

To celebrate the big day, some of Aussie's most famous bottle-o's have bandied together to come up with 5 whiskies you should consider giving a red-hot go tomorrow.

Almost a "Country Of Origin" of whiskies... (hey, it's almost State Of Origin time).

Without further ado...


Starward Wine Cask Single Malt Whisky

Their notes suggest that this little Aussie beauty, brewed in Melbourne, is matured in red wine casks, which gives the whisky an identifiable shiraz-like flavour. The barrels are steamed not charred, unlike most whisky distilling processes, to retain wine characteristics in the wood.

We just love the fact that it's a little Aussie whisky that could.


Buffalo Trace

Okay, so we know there's a whole what is / what isn't classed whisky when it comes to the Yanks. Let's just assume that it's all the same class on this special occasion.

Buffalo Trace is Kentucky born and bred, aged in new oak-charred barrels with no additional flavours, colours or additives. Which means that it tastes exactly as it reads... 110% authentic, with hints of vanilla, mint and molasses.


Yep, we had to double check too, but India produces not one, but TWO whiskies worthy of celebrating on World Whisky Day. Who knew?

First off, Rampur is distilled in traditional copper pot stills in the oldest distillery in India, dating from 1943 with 73 years of distillation experience. What's cool about this one is, because of the severe temperature swings of the Himalayan foothills (where it's made), the whisky tastes slightly different depending on when it's distilled.

The other Indian whisky is Paul John Brilliance Single Malt, which features "six-row barley from the foothills of the Himalayas and matured in bourbon casks, to give absolute sensory delight."

We like where they're going with that. Sensory delight!


The masters of malt, Teeling's Small Batch Irish Whiskey is one of the most interesting Blended Irish whiskies. Their small batch bottling features hand selected casks which are then matured further in ex-rum barrels.

The result is a "...unique smooth, sweet, slightly woody marriage that sparkles on the tongue..."


Japan is famous for clean, pure whiskies, and this one is no exception. Kurayoshi Pure Malt is aged for over 3 years in oak casks, which results in a "sweet and tart taste with rum raisins, malt and vanilla that coats the palate."

What's more, it's finished off with spring water from the wilderness of Tottori... you know, for some extra freshness.

  • Buy it from: Various whisky stockists for $90 RRP

Finally, to celebrate the greatness that is World Whisky Day, here's 45 minutes of Nick Offerman enjoying a single malt... just because.



Written by: @dantheinternut