Some Valentine's Plonk Suggestions Guaranteed To Please

Get it in ya!

Some Valentine's Plonk Suggestions Guaranteed To Please Supplied

Well, another Valentine's Day approaches and for most of us, it all starts with the bottle of plonk we choose to enjoy with our loved one.

Luckily for the nuffies amongst us, Dan Murphy's and BWS have released a guide of what bottle suits for the big day, depending on your relationship status.

Without further ado:

For The Romantic

A bottle of Chapel Hill 2017 Sangiovese Rose should do the trick... it's chock full of fresh and juicy flavours, deliciously fresh and crisp, which can only be a good thing if you're into the romantic thing with your love.

  • Available at Dan Murphy's and BWS for $20


Trying To Impress Someone Special?

Let's just start with the actual bottle for the Prosecco from Freixenet. It's a showstopper!

But the contents within impress as well. It's clean on the palate and features hints of citrus, apple and floral aromas.

In fact, quote that exact line to your beau and we reckon you're on a winner!

  • Available at Dan Murphy's and BWS for $24.99


For Your Long Time Love

Lovers Not Toreadors Rose... It's Spanish, for God's sake... if that's not impressive then we don't know what is.

In fact, getting this wine surely means a romantic dinner for two... tapas style? Why not some Croquetas de Jamón and Patatas Bravas

You're welcome ;)

  • Available at Dan Murphy's and BWS for $24.99


Still Single?

Swipe right on this little baby... Minchinbury have a luscious moscato that will make your night - especially if you get swiped right back...

Best yet.. it's only $10... hey, you're a cheap date ;)

  • Available at Dan Murphy's and BWS for $10

Of course, if you're looking to splurge a little more, you can't go past any of these options.


Seriously Champers

The Joseph Perrier Joséphine Brut Cuvée Vintage 2004 is not cheap, but that's sort of the point, right? It's lovingly made old school style (the fancy word they used was artisinal), meaning that there's pure craft in the whole process of making this delicious drop.

Apparently it pairs best with Foie Gras fried with assorted caremlised fruits (figs, oranges, bilberries), Côte de Boeuf with cèpes or Sweetbreads with morilles. Yep, we had to google that too.

  • Available at Dan Murphy's for $164.99


Gift Box Galore

Finally, if you really want to impress, you can;'t go much wrong with this Lanson Rose Gift Box. It comes with the glasses as well, so there's no excuse really to dig in and have a Valentine's Day to remember, forever!

Lanson Rose Box Set

  • Available at Dan Murphy's for $72.99


Written by: @dantheinternut