Someone Has Committed The Ultimate Food Crime: Bananas On Pizza

Stop the world. We're getting off

Someone Has Committed The Ultimate Food Crime: Bananas On Pizza eplintogrande/ Reddit

If you're in the pineapple-does-not-belong-on-pizza camp then we'd suggest you look away now. Things are about to get fruity.

A reddit thread dedicated crappy food (r/shittyfoodporn, FYI) has unearthed a Swedish delicacy that involves putting slices of banana on pizza.

And no, we're not talking about those sweet pizzas with Nutella and strawberries, either; this is a full-on, no-holds-barred, tomato-sauce-and-cheese job with added 'nana.

It's called Pizza Afrikana, and also has curry powder, mushrooms and peanuts for toppings.


Apparently someone at the Huffington Post was as astonished as we are, because in 2012 they did some digging and figured out that bizarre pizza toppings are kind of Sweden's... thing.

Anecdotally, it appears that the first 30 or so pizza parlours in Sweden were all opened by the same family, who cared more about making their customers happy than upholding Italian tradition and sticking with the basics.

Therefore, anyone who came in and requested a particular type of pizza was indulged - even those demanding bananas, curry, mushroom and peanuts, apparently.

But who are we to judge to national eating habits of Sweden? Maybe banana on pizza is the way forward. Maybe we're all missing out.