We're Calling It: "Cooking With Your Mouth" Is The Most Insane Thing You'll See All Year

Strong start to the year

We're Calling It: "Cooking With Your Mouth" Is The Most Insane Thing You'll See All Year YouTube

We're just going to head you off at the pass here and say we have no idea. Absolutely no idea.

A video of a woman "cooking with her mouth" is doing the rounds online and, although we're less than a week into 2018, it's more than likely going to be the most insane thing you'll see this year.

It is absolutely ridiculous; the "chef", Eva Godfrey, spends five minutes biting and chewing through a carrot, an onion, celery and garlic and spitting them into a bowl before swishing A RAW EGG around in her mouth and "warming" butter under her tongue and adding them too.

A chunk of gnawed bread then joins the spit-soaked ingredients and the whole thing is "massaged" into something she claims is stuffing and pushed into a raw turkey.


While the video has since been revealed as a piece of performance art, we're still not quite clear if director Nathan Ceddia's explanation of the whole bizarre thing is serious or not.

"The video came about after hearing countless stories of friends and family injuring themselves whilst cooking," he told Metro.co.uk. "The kitchen is meant to be a safe environment where people can comfortably express their creativity.

"I myself love cooking but I’m not so fond of knives, and the thought of chopping off a finger frightens the hell out of me. I decided the only way to relieve this anxiety and to make the kitchen safe again would be to create a new style of cooking.

Ceddia continued: "Before we had all these fancy gadgets in our kitchen and before we even had kitchens we were hunters and gatherers who used our mouths for everything. By channeling my inner caveman I’ve created a fool proof concept that minimises kitchen risks, replacing dangerous utensils with the safety of our own mouth.

"The mouth is a wonderful tool, it chops, chews, whisks and grates. It’s the ultimate all in one kitchen utensil, only this time it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or chop off your fingers (hopefully).

"I would like to see cooking with your mouth become a movement. I plan to release more mouth watering recipes and even  introduce these skills into schools and prisons."

Right then.