Critics Are Frothing On This Netflix Zombie Flick

Zombies with a difference

Top critics are frothing on new zombie flick Here Alone, which makes The Walking Dead look like an afternoon tea party in the garden.

These zombies are mad, fast and take zero prisoners - no lurching, thick-as-a-plank zombies here - and have taken over New York, turning it into an apocalyptic waste ground.

There are some survivors, though, with Power's Lucy Walters taking on the role of Ann, who is holed up in a camouflaged camp in the forest upstate.

When she runs out of food, Ann's forced to leave her hide-out and venture out for more supplies, where she comes across teen girl and her injured stepfather.

While Ann lets them into her camp to recover, tensions soon spike because, let's face it, who the hell do you actually trust in a zombie apocalypse.

Audience reviews have been mixed but a number of top critics have heaped praise on Here Alone; The Village Voice called it a "a verdant, suspenseful treat" while New York Times writer Jeannette Catsoulis labelled it "unexpectedly engaging".

"More psychodrama than postapocalyptic adventure, the movie parcels out its scares in small, effective jolts, delivering just enough menace to remind us of the stakes," she said.

Here Alone is streaming on Netflix now - just make sure all the lights are on before you start, hey?