Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Win An Awesome Star Wars Collectible

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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Win An Awesome Star Wars Collectible Natasha Louise Enterprises

Any self respecting Star Wars fan in Australia should be on the ready to stop reading this article and heading over to the Event Cinemas website to pre-book a ticket for the newest chapter in the Star Wars universe, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Why, we hear you ask?

Anyone in Australia who buys a ticket online to the movie from the Event Cinemas website is eligible for the draw to win an original Mark Raats Star Wars masterpiece, in this case, the actual original artwork for Solo.

As in, this one.

Mark Raats

It's estimated to be worth around the $24K mark, and would take pride of place in anyone's Pool room.

The artwork has been taking over Sydney and Melbourne, a huge installation taking place at the corner of Elizabeth and Collins streets.

Solo Melbourne

Raats is actually a Perth based Graphic Designer who's done lots of work for Lucasfilm and Disney. He's got a large body of work working for both and you can find out more about him here.

In terms of the actual movie, we got a preview screening last night and the general vibe is that it's another awesome part of the Star Wars puzzle. It's an awesome insight into the back-story of Han Solo, and what makes the iconic character tick.

And just like any Star Wars movie, it's a must on the big screen with the rocking sound system.


Written by: @dantheinternut