The New 'Transformers' Movie Is Copping Some Savage Reviews

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The New 'Transformers' Movie Is Copping Some Savage Reviews

The latest film in Michael Bay's 'Transformers' series is being absolutely savaged by critics world-wide.

'Transformers: The Final Knight' was released in Australia last week to very limited fanfare, and going by some of these reviews, it's easy to see why:

"I would hazard a guess that Michael Bay would sooner lose his own testicles than hand over the reins of the Transformers franchise ... The plot is a car crash of impenetrable stupidity ... Perhaps you need to be huffing petrol fumes (or whatever it is that the autobots run on) but 149 minutes have rarely felt so interminable." - The Guardian

 "I can't remember the last time I felt so little while watching a movie. I wasn't even bored, so much as just dazed, like I'd woken up in someone else's dream. Transformers: The Last Knight isn't a particularly good film – it's overstuffed and incomprehensible, hampered by bizarre narrative choices and inconsistent pacing. " - Mashable

 "The Last Knight may feature more shiny, computer-animated Transformers and non-stop spectacle than its predecessors, but Bay seems to be out of fresh ideas for what to do with this franchise, from an action filmmaking perspective ... In terms of the other Michael Bay-directed Transformers movies, The Last Knight is neither the solid popcorn movie that the first and third installments arguably are, nor is it quite as messy and slapdash as the second and fourth chapters (Revenge of the Fallen and Age of Extinction, respectively)." - Screen Rant

The Transformers series has been a massive earner for Paramount Studios, with every sequel since 2007's original release bringing in excess of AU$128 million in ticket sales each across the United States on their opening weekend's.

The latest instalment however failed to rake in half of that amount, only earning AU$54.5 million at the box office.

If you want to buck the trend and defy the film critics; Transformers: The Final Knight is out now at cinemas across Australia.