The Reviews Are In For Season 2 of Stranger Things

It's finally available tomorrow.

The Reviews Are In For Season 2 of Stranger Things

The highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things will finally be available tomorrow. 

The thrilling Netflix original's first season was a huge hit, and everyone is keen to see how the fictional town of Hawkins will fare with the second coming of the 'upside down'. 

Originally slated for release on Halloween (October 31), Netflix pushed the release forward a few days to coincide with the copious Halloween parties happening around the world on Friday night. 

Reviews have been mostly positive for the second season as well.

Deadline Hollywood labelled it "top-notch", even going as far as comparing it to Terminator II and Empire Strikes Back in terms of sequel quality.

Empire called it "inspiring" and "deliriously enjoyable", while Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 89% rating.

However not all the reviews have been as positive, with Entertainment Weekly labelling season two "oddly gutless."

Either way, we'll all be able to give our own verdict when season two of Stranger Things drops on Netflix late tomorrow afternoon.