TRIPLE M MOVIE REVIEW | Blade Runner 2049

No spoilers!

TRIPLE M MOVIE REVIEW | Blade Runner 2049 (Image: Warner Bros)

TRIPLE M REVIEW: 35 years since the original, Blade Runner 2049 certainly stands in its own right as more than just a sequel.

It's spearheaded by Ryan Gosling, who fits the bill perfectly in his performance as LAPD Officer K, the film's blade runner, and it will certainly goes down as one of his very best. His work with Ana de Armas in particular, who plays Joi, really is terrific.

The return of Harrison Ford, who starred as Rick Deckard in the original and returns 35 years later, is much more than just a cameo, too.

Cinematographer Roger Deakins is a 13-time Oscar nominee and you can immediately tell why. The best part of this film is how visually stunning it is, living up to the standard set in the original.

Whether it's rain-soaked or desolate or gritty or rustic, this film is an absolute feast on the eyes, and one you need the pleasure of a full-screen cinema to completely engross yourself in. 

The only criticism is the length - it runs for two hours and 44 minutes, which when the plot's ideas become more complex occasionally makes scenes feel longer than they should be.

But, irrespective of this, the film is well constructed and well executed. It does an excellent job of both paying homage to the original as well as forging its own identity, and it's worth the watch.


Blade Runner 2049 opens in Australia on October 5.