12-Year-Old Nicks Mum's Credit Card And Flies To Bali For A Holiday

A Current Affair caught up with him.

12-Year-Old Nicks Mum's Credit Card And Flies To Bali For A Holiday

Let's be honest, most of the time A Current Affair is a fairly pox program but sometimes they provide us with liquid gold, just like the story that's set to air tonight.

A Current Affair is reporting 12-year-old Sydneysider, known as Drew, nicked his mum's credit card and booked himself a holiday in Bali.

According to ACA, Drew had a verbal argument with his mum, and as a fallout he pilfered her credit card and booked himself a cheap flight to Denpasar from Sydney via Perth, and a week long stay at the All Seasons Hotel.

Having been driven to school, Drew then scootered off to the train station unbeknownst to anyone and caught the train to Sydney International Airport.

He then used the self check-in to get himself to Perth, where he was asked for his student I.D. and passport before being let onto the flight.

Drew then boarded the flight to Denpasar, filming a part of the journey on Snapchat before arriving in Bali and checking into his hotel room.

His mum Emma caught on to what was happening when she received a phone call from Drew's school after he didn't rock up, then she checked her recent purchases and realised, horrifyingly, that her soon was very likely in Bali.

Emma got herself over to Denpasar quickly after that, reuniting with her jet-setting son, and thankfully, ACA was there to capture it all...