5 Xmas Pressie Ideas For The Traveller In Your Life

We all know one

5 Xmas Pressie Ideas For The Traveller In Your Life Wordstorm

'Tis almost the season and all of that, and if you're scratching around for decent pressie ideas, we may have some gold for you here.

We're talking next level tech right here. So if they're into gadgets, then you're in luck.

1. The Foolproof Backpack


The XD Design Booby Anti-Theft Backpack is designed to prevent you becoming one of the 400,000 victims of pickpocketing that occur EVERY day. It has several key features such as cut-proof material, hidden zip enclosures and secret pockets. With additional integrated USB charging ports, illuminating safety strips and a luggage strap, this backpack is the ideal accompaniment for all keen travellers.

2. The Portable Doctor


The PainPod handy little device is an Australian invention and works with your body to provide drug-free therapy to help aid jet-lag, sore necks and cramped joints, to name but a few ailments.

From the press release:

The revolutionary technology harnesses the body's bioelectrical system to moderate and manage pain levels, accelerate recovery and increase performance.

3. The Assistant Interpreter


Google’s Pixel Buds are here and they're revolutionising face-to-face communication in foreign countries. Simply voice your command and the phone's speakers will output your translated words as you speak them. The other party's reply will then translate real time through the Pixel Buds. Brilliant!

4. The Luggage Weigher


Bloody excess baggage fees. Did you know that in 2015, airlines made an estimated $22.5 billion in fees, most of which came primarily from checked-in baggage.

To avoid the hassle (and the unwanted bill!) Etekcity created the Digital Luggage Scale. It attaches to your suitcase’s handle and displays the weight on an LED screen, so that you can track the weight of your luggage and avoid being overcharged.

5. The Camper's Best Mate


Simply put, the VSSL Flask compartmentalises a whole bunch of camping essentials into the one handy vessel.

It holds up to 285ml of your favourite beverage and includes collapsible stainless steel shot cups, a bottle opener, a compass, and a powerful LED flood beam flashlight.


Obviously, it's early days so you might want to get on it now to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas!


Written by: @dantheinternut