'A Current Affair' Uncovers Australia's Greatest Ever Wielder Of Nunchucks

'I always practised and stuff.'

'A Current Affair' Uncovers Australia's Greatest Ever Wielder Of Nunchucks Image: Channel 9

"The only threat James poses is, perhaps, to himself."

We might have witnessed Melbourne's greatest ever wielder of nunchucks.

James is part of a growing group of dangerous - and armed - group of men in Cranbourne, Victoria who have taken to defending the streets, calling themselves the 'No Fear' gang.

One of them, known as Joe, wields a bloody massive crossbow that looks at least a little bit lethal.

But it's James who has captivated the attention of people.

ACA posted a clip on social media displaying James's skill and balance - yeah, he fell over at least once - with the nunchucks, with dramatic music in the background that definitely wasn't taking the piss.

It's a must-watch.


Despite a stumble or two James is backing in his nunchuck skills for anyone that gets in his way.

"I'm angry. I might look pretty good at it, but it's only because I actually wanted to get a job originally in the movie industry and stuff," he told Channel 9.

"I always practised and stuff like that."

James's other weapon was a pickaxe handle, which he demonstrated on poor old ACA reporter Reid Butler.

"I'd thrust into your head, or I'd thrust into your crotch, or I'd thrust over there (your stomach)," he said, thrusting the pickaxe handle.