A New Series Of 'Arrested Development' Is Hitting Netflix

Dropping tomorrow.

A New Series Of 'Arrested Development' Is Hitting Netflix Image: Netflix

Season four of Arrested Development will be re-released on Netflix.

The creators have been working hard on a recut, titled Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences, which drops on Netflix tomorrow.

The series will be a re-edit of the most recent season, in which each episode was focused on a singular character due to scheduling commitments between the cast.

Instead, the fourth season's 15 episodes will be mashed together into 22 different, chronological episodes to present much like the original three seasons.

"I'm really excited about the final result," creator Mitchell Hurwitz wrote.

"It's funny in a whole new way, and I believe it creates a really entertaining and hilarious new experience for the viewer."

He added that season five is right around the corner, so get excited for that too.