American Woman Blows Government Cash On Dog Tuxedo

Not sure if the dog still has the outfit

American Woman Blows Government Cash On Dog Tuxedo Courtesy KARK Arkansas

A woman in the United States has pleaded guilty to using local government money to buy a tiny tuxedo for her pet dog.

Kristi Goss was working as an assistant for the Garland County Judge in Hot Springs, Arkansas, when she went on her shopping spree.

Authorities say she charged more than $340,000 to a government credit card for a whole range of personal items over a period of 4 years. Her shopping list included a diamond bracelet, tickets to sporting events, sequined throw pillows, pet insurance... and the notorious dog tuxedo.

Auditors started smelling a rat when they found discrepancies in handling of county accounts, including an alleged use of money from other county departments to cover credit card charges.

Goss will be sentenced at the end of November.